Oppo’s collaboration with Fanfare


Fanfare Bangladesh Ltd played host to a momentous business signing event on May 22nd, 2023. The occasion marked the establishment of a groundbreaking partnership between OPPO Authorize Exclusive Distributor and Fanfare, heralding a new era of growth and innovation in Brand to User interactions.

The signing ceremony, held at the Fanfare office, brought together key executives and stakeholders from both companies. The event served as a testament to Fanfare’s commitment to fostering collaboration and facilitating market exploration.

Fanfare Bangladesh Ltd. is the first Bangladeshi ‘social commerce platform’, joined forces with the leading global smart device brand in Bangladesh, OPPO.
The platform allows its Users to Share, Earn and Shop closing the experience loop to give a first-hand customized interaction for the Brand with its Users.

The strategic alliance between these two is expected to unlock unparalleled synergies, drive innovation, and revolutionize the social commerce landscape.

OPPO holding the strongest position in Bangladesh mobile and device market, the Fanfare platform and Fmart, its E-commerce extension will allow deeper penetration into the market target segment, with strong slogan ‘Connecting Experience’.

With their shared vision for progress and a commitment to excellence, both companies aim to leverage their respective strengths, expertise, and resources.