Why Fanfare?

Shopping, games entertainment, getting socially connecting with friends everything is included in this app.

Very easy to earn F: points and F: point means exciting discount.
Let others know about the products and services of your favorite brands by sharing videos.

Create a video of the product of your favorite brand and become a brand star.

The more you share videos and earn contest the more you get the possibility to earn points.

Become a top content creator by acquiring millions of followers and become an influencer or a celebrity.

You can shop online and you will get the opportunity to discount the price of any product using F : Point.

How will you earn F: Point?

In video brand promotion : If any brand utilizes your video for branding or promoting themselves then you will get a part of their total spending.

Influencer collaboration : If you are any type of influencer using any social media then you will get paid assignments of various brands registered at Fanfare

App contest : Become a winner of any contest and win prizes and F:points.

In app level change: At present there are about 15 different levels. To access each level, you have to get some activities points. In app activities (like watching a video, liking or commenting a video, clicking banners or products, following brands, spending time on app etc.) will increase your points. If you access a level, you will get attractive gifts like bonus F: points, free shipping etc.

Program in official other social media fanfare Bangladesh : Many quizzes, live, polls are organized at our official Facebook page. You can become a winner at these contests and win prizes and F : points.

Events & activation Fanfare : Events and activation programs are organized at different universities, park, fields and in popular places. Participate in these events and get insights on how to win rewards and play in these events and win attractive prizes.

How can you participate in a contest of Fanfare?

App Contest: There will be three types of contests- video contests, quizzes and polls. Join these events, share videos based on the topic of these contests, participate at quizzes and polls and win appliances, gadgets, accessories. F: Points and many more exciting prizes.

Events: Set your eyes towards the page of Fanfare Bangladesh to see our offline contest and FAN ADDA.

How can you do shop using discount from Fmart?

Open the shop tab and get your desired items by searching or from different offers. Add the products to your cart. Subtract the F: point discount from the sub total value. You can get a maximum of 80% discount in an order. You can use up to 75% of your F Points for discounts in an order.

How to sign up and use the app?

Download the app from google Play Store or IOS App Store.

Sign up using your Facebook, Gmail account or phone number.

Share your creative video on the app. Enjoy your favorite videos.

Earn F points and do shopping in discount.

Why Fanfare?

Why should you pay more, if you get similar service at a lower cost? We help a brand to reduce marketing cost and save money. It’s all about marketing ROI. Our charges are 25-30% cheaper than current market rate. Use, compare & decide.