This is the era of technology. The importance of technological products has been risen among the young generation to a great extent. Specially the video sharing apps are very popular among our youth generation. By using video sharing apps most of video creators are representing not only themselves but also their talents as well. For searching new generation creative people & their rewards, Fanfare has recently relaunched their app with a lot of exciting features. The Singapore based company Fanfare App ( ) already has about two lacs Bangladeshi users who are actively sharing & visiting the app. Moreover, Fanfare is the first app in Bangladesh, where users can earn F: points by sharing videos and with these F: Points they can avail discounts at any time to purchase products from Fanfare Shop called Fmart. Only Fanfare users will be able to see the catchy offers of different brands in the Fmart. The F: points, discounts, contest rewards and coupons of Fanfare App has already made it quite popular among the teenagers & youth. Not only the users but also the creative influencers of different social platforms have the wonderful opportunity to work with many well known national and international brands. New features are added app to promote and get traffic for any brand. By arranging contents, quizzes, polls, advertisement and many other games, Brands also can be connected to the users in order to promote their products.